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Blackwater Quality Meats

About us

Quality Meat, Guaranteed.

Since 1995

We are Rocky Quality Meats, and we guarantee quality everytime.

Over the years we have built a loyal base of happy customers because we supply a high quality product in Beef, Lamb & Pork cuts, again and again, at very competitive pricing. 

We service Blackwater and surrounding areas, and regularly deliver meat into Rockhampton and greater CQ.

Grilling Meat

Our Story

Your Local Family Butcher

Shane Shoesmith has been a butcher all his life, and is the man behind both Rocky & Blackwater Quality Meats.

Shane prides himself on providing families and customers with a high-quality product at a very competitive price.


Shane started 'Jaritira Quality Butcher' selling Quality Beef, Lamb & Pork at competitive prices in our accredited food safe van at the 'Arcade Carpark Markets', Rockhampton.


Since then our business has grown and we have changed our name to 'Blackwater Quality Meats', supplying Quality meat to Blackwater and surrounding towns as well as continuing at the Arcade Carpark Markets in Rockhampton. We are in the process of opening a shop in Blackwater. Please watch this space for updates.

Our People






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